Aqua Star 2 Water Filter System


A Water Filter System easy to use and portable enough to take with you on holiday


The World Health Organization says that every year more than 3.4 million people die as a result of water related diseases

Aqua Star 2 Water Filter System is an easy to use water filtration system which installs onto most kitchen spouts without the need of tools.

This water filter system removes unwanted elements in your water such as: pesticides & herbicides, chlorine and bacterial germs. While removing the unwanted elements the system retains healthy minerals such as magnesium and calcium. A full test report is enclosed in each Aqua Star 2 package.

With the filter having a silver impregnated active carbon filter ensures a high quality of water for both drinking and cooking purposes. Due to the filter being silver impregnated it eliminates bacterial growth.

With a single water filter cartridge you get 2,500 litres of filtered water which would be sufficient for a family of four for 6 to 8 months (calculated at 2,5 litres per person, per day). This means that you do not need to replace that cartridge ever few weeks and waste lots of money like some of our competitors want you to do.

The Aqua Star 2 water filter is made in Germany and is TÜV (German Standards Board) tested.


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