Going green, what does that mean to you?

going green

Going green, what does that actually mean to you? Lately, in the news you hear of the rise of the electric car that it will be better for the pocket, greener, and other benefits. You hear of countries adding renewables,

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So how much water is my shower using?

Well thankfully  the answer to as to how much water (and energy) your shower is using is an easy test. You will need two things a timer / stopwatch and a bucket (with measuring lines). Place your bucket under the

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Greening your house? Is it hard?

So when we show our products to you, the end user, we often get asked: How easy is it to install these? Is it really an easy upgrade?

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Water Affairs in South Africa

What is the state of our water affairs? Eye Witness News last week presented a shocking revelation of water supply in South Africa.

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What is a flow regulator?

As the pressure increases in the flow regulator the elastomer contracts towards the core thus regulating the rate of flow at a constant level.

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