Greening your house? Is it hard?

greening your house?

Greening your house doesn’t have to be scary


So when we show our products to you, the end user, we often get asked: How easy is it to install these? Is it really an easy upgrade?

The answer is a resounding, yes. So how easy is it? Well, let’s get into that now.

When we talk about retro-fitting, or upgrades, we are not talking about knocking out walls or installing new pipes; we most definitely recommend that a qualified professional do that for you. What we are talking about is replacing your shower with an energy-efficient shower, or making your sink mixer efficient, or even just putting in a new aerator (that thing inside your tap, that makes the flow of water come out smoothly). You can even retro-fit your old toilet (you know, those ones with a single handle).

We are not plumbers. We have never studied plumbing and don’t know u-bends from valves, but we do know water saving. We focus on saving you water and energy and thus money at every water outlet. So, no, you do not require any special tools or training for what we are offering. At most you will need a wrench and some plumber’s tape (to stop any leaking if the connection doesn’t line up).

Nearly all showers, and piping for that matter, are ½” (15mm) in diameter. The actual size doesn’t mean much to most people, but what it does mean and what you should take from this is that nearly all showers, taps, mixers and toilets use this size. It’s essentially a one-size-fits-all, an approach that makes everyone’s lives so much easier (that little DIY enthusiast in side you is doing a little jiggle).

Let’s recap: Retrofitting is very much a doable project and if you ever get stuck, that is why we have hardware stores. They are there to assist you, with their knowledge.

Armed with the knowledge that you can indeed do these jobs yourself, why not take a look at what we have to offer or check out some of our other news. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call and we will do our best to assist you.

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