Going green, what does that mean to you?

going green

Going green, what does that actually mean to you? Lately, in the news you hear of the rise of the electric car that it will be better for the pocket, greener, and other benefits. You hear of countries adding renewables, like wind and solar, to their power supply infrastructure. Some people you know have solar panels, solar geysers or heat pumps. Most of us know that we could do better with recycling.

These are all ways of being green. We are in a new age and are trying to be aware and kinder to the environment and of course our pockets.

In South Africa we have been going through a water crisis but our attention on water consumption is as fleeting the rise and fall of our reservoirs. Water isn’t our only crisis, we also have political and financial crises as other examples. Many of us feel that we have no control on the political front and our disposable income seems to be ever shrinking.

What can be done?

What can we do in these conditions to save money and be environmentally conscious without spending too much? Can these goals be achieved without even having to change your habits?

When asked these types of questions, we always recommend to our clients that the first step should be to manage consumption and then look at investing in household infrastructure. Did you know that a standard shower on average can let out 20 liters per minute. So what if you are a family of 4? Even if you each only shower 5 minutes a day and measuring just that consumption water usage is already high, 146,000 liters per year. Click here to find out how, in just 2 minutes, you can measure the flow rate of your shower.

African Water Controls’ motto has always been to save water without loss of comfort. Most shower heads available will perform perfectly with 9 liters per minute. If you just change your shower head or at least fit your shower head with an adaptor, your family of 4 with consume only 65,700 liters yearly. That’s more than 50% saving and is just the beginning, we recommend that wherever water is consumed it should be managed. You can convert your tap to a comfortable 3 liters per minute spray, your kitchen spout, even manage the consumption of your single lever toilet.

What are the other benefits?

Our water savings devices are pressure compensating which ensures there is improved pressure throughout the home. Ever been burnt while showering? This happens when someone else in the home uses water from another outlet. This problem is minimised as there is more water left in the water network. We also have solutions for unbalanced pressure. Don’t forget that it takes energy to heat your water, so every drop saved is also potential electricity saved. To install these devices is not hard and can even be done yourself.

Return on investment?

You hear other companies talk about the return on investment for things like solar between 18 months to 3 years. This isn’t bad for solar, but lets get you to saving money and become more water conscious almost immediately. Convert two showers with our adaptors and your return is around a month. If you install new water saving showers then your return will be just over 2 months. For the best long term benefits we do recommend managing the water at all outlets.

Are you going green?

It’s time to take that step. Check our website or contact us and we are here to help.

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